Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Vintage Pieces that were hard to say Goodbye to

Vintage clothing and accessories are a strong passion for myself going all the way back to high school. The thrill of the find is what it is all about - whether I am keeping the vintage piece for myself or selling it online. Every vintage piece comes with its' own unique energy and look. A true fashionista has a few good vintage garments in here closet, it sets her apart from the rest while capturing style from the past. I have been dealing with vintage items for 8 years now and I still have a hard time letting go of certain pieces. Over the years I have had some killer things pass through my hands and in this post I have selected some within the last year that I have been saddened to say goodbye too. They are now somewhere else in the world being sported by a true fashionista!

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Allure of Vintage Lingerie

Vintage lingerie has always been cherished but it is rising like a Phoenix lately. There have been independent fashion shows with the only thing gracing the catwalk is vintage lingerie. With all of the over commercialized junk out there it is an art to sport vintage lingerie. Vintage lingerie was well made and has intricate detail that cannot be replicated. This is also a way to be unique in your expression of femininity. I love finding piece of vintage lingerie and have 6 pieces in my Etsy store :
Vintage Lingerie Section : DejaBlonde