Monday, February 16, 2009

How I started with Vintage continued.......

After college I became savvy with html. I was still shopping at Goodwill and started doing it with a dear friend for fun. It was something we would look forward to. Having coffee and heading off to find treasures. I could no longer just bring home things of my size...there were some things that could not be left behind. Then (around 2002) I though of combining my computer skills with my eye for vintage fashion. I started with ebay and then had my own domain eventually. After awhile life changed that path for my friend and I and I pursued other things. While in Seattle I became interested in the Apparel Design program at SCCC and took the beginning class for the program. I learned so much about the design of clothing further enhancing my love for vintage. Modern apparel is not constructed with the care and design that vintage was. Now with Etsy on the scene it has brought me back. It is a great place to sell and share vintage treasures. I look forward to sharing my passion with everyone!

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