Monday, February 16, 2009

How I started with vintage

In highschool I grew tired of shopping at Maurices, Gap, and other mass producers. I lived in a small area so sometimes several girls at school would be wearing the same thing. I had to go to Goodwill for a donation and started looking around. I found unique purses, distressed Levi's, 1960's dresses, and vests that no one else had. I knew I could pull it off - despite my mall riden friends reaction. I became a regular at goodwill and started structuring my wardrobe around it. It was simple....i would have a shirt or skirt no one....i would pair it with a high quality modern started working. In my senior year I was put in the yearbook sporting some of my outfit creations. I could no longer do malls...only for a few items. I dared to be different and it was fun through vintage be continued.....

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